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  • Sit anywhere with the Chairless Chair

    first_imgHave you ever been in a situation where you needed to sit but chairs weren’t available?  Like if you’re waiting in a seemingly endless line to get tickets to your favorite show?  Individuals on foot oftentimes need to take breaks from standing as a precaution for their health.  Physical strain, repetitive movements and poor posture may lead to conditions called Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), which affect millions worldwide.  Imagine wearing a chair so you may sit comfortably anywhere you go.  Ergonomic convenience and portability sum up the mission of the Chairless Chair, an unobtrusive chair that straps directly to the user.The device is worn like an exoskeleton on your legs and never touches the ground, which makes it easier to wear.  According to a CNN article on the Chairless Chair:“A belt secures it to the hips and it has straps that wrap around the thighs.  A variable damper engages and supports the bodyweight, which is directed towards the heels of the shoes.  These are specially designed and part of the mechanism, but an alternate version works with any footwear and touches the ground only when in a stationary position.  The user just moves into the desired pose and then powers the device.”The Chairless Chair is designed with an aluminum and carbon fiber frame, which keeps the device weighing at roughly 4.4 pounds.  Its lightweight frame allows you to walk, run or sit anywhere.  In addition to resting your leg muscles, it also provides optimal posture by keeping your back straight.Chartered physiotherapist Sammy Margo stated: “As physiotherapists we actively encourage people to move throughout the day.  This device looks like a great compromise in that it allows the wearer to move as well as sit intermittently.”There is no word yet on the pricing or general availability of the Chairless Chair, but companies like Audi and BMW will be running trials of the device later this year.Share this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint RelatedFrom Workplace to ShowcaseFebruary 25, 2015In “Autism”ERGO: Autonomous DeskAugust 4, 2015In “Mobility”ATU329 – Self Driving WheelchairSeptember 15, 2017In “Assistive Technology Update”last_img read more

  • Traveling with Disability Plan Prepare … and Have Fun

    first_imgChoose the Right ConveyanceNewer cruise ships are generally more accessible. Some have more accessible cabins than others. Also check to see if all (or at least most) of the ship’s amenities are accessible. This extends beyond mobility issues to things like whether the menus are available in Braille. The same can be said for airplanes, trains, etc. in terms of aisle width and so on. Research Your Destinations/ExcursionsFind out ahead of time what the situation is like when you go ashore or arrive at your final destination. Are the charming streets exclusively cobblestone? Does the tour bus have a wheelchair ramp? Do the snorkeling instructors have experience with your type of disability? Is there a way to enjoy the ancient ruins without climbing them? Rent or Buy Equipment to Help You on Your TripAlmost everything you might need on your trip can be rented, from narrow wheelchairs to oxygen tanks and bed rails. Or there are products you can buy to help smooth the way. For cruises, Special Needs at Sea offers a laundry list of medical equipment. Join a GroupThe Amputee Coalition and Multiple Sclerosis Foundation are just two advocacy groups that arrange or publicize trips for their members. See if any groups you belong to offer this service, and encourage them to do so if they don’t! Book EarlyTravel agents specializing in accessible clients recommend booking your trip as much as a year in advance, especially if you are recently disabled and not used to the level of planning required. This gives you the best chance of mapping out your dream trip, and reserving limited accessible slots.It’s all about doing your research ahead of time so you can maximize your fun while on your cruise or any other kind of trip. More resources and adviceIf you’re going to be traveling out of the country, the U.S. Department of State has a special webpage devoted to travelers with disabilities. It covers everything from assistive equipment to getting/renewing your passport, medical considerations and even service animals. There are even security registration options to help you and your loved ones retain a sense of safety while you’re abroad.Make sure to check out Mobility International’s exhaustive article on disability resources that are available overseas.The Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality has been a great resource for travel advice and opportunities. Their calendar of events and news releases haven’t been updated in a while, and representatives failed to respond to inquiries for this article. However, you should still take the time to check out their “Need to Know Facts,” “Travel Tips and Access” and other informational sections when you’re planning a trip.And don’t forget to read our own blog article from a couple of years ago, which includes solid general advice as well as a number of domestic destinations that are known to be very friendly to the disability community.Finally, our 2011 article on taking commercial airlines with a disability has plenty of evergreen information and guidelines if your journey includes flying.Here are some other great links and resources for planning a trip you won’t soon forget:Disabled TravelersDisability TravelerIndependent TravelerEuropean Network for Accessible TourismDisability Travel and Recreation ResourcesAccess-Able Travel SourceDisabled Cruising ResourcesSociety for Accessible Travel and HospitalityGlobal Access News – Disabled Travelers NetworkShare this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint Related3 steps to make airline travel easier for people with mobility challengesNovember 5, 2014In “Independent Living”Top 5 things a student with a disability should do when planning for collegeOctober 15, 2014In “Services”#MoveInMay: Everyone Needs to Move for National Physical Fitness MonthMay 28, 2014In “Conferences and Events” When You Get There, Make Sure You Can Go Where You Want ToIt would be disappointing to take a cruise to Jamaica, and then find out your ship’s shore excursions aren’t accessible. Check to see what the ship’s policy is on tenders, aka small boats that shuttle passengers to and from port. If you’re flying to a tiny international airport, make sure they’re not planning to just roll one of those steep staircases up to the plane. People with disabilities can enjoy nearly all the same pleasurable fruits of life as those without disability, though it may take a little more planning and preparation. That’s true of many leisurely pursuits, including traveling – whether it’s across the globe, to another state or even within your own city.This is especially the case for people with mobility issues, such as those who utilize a wheelchair, crutches, walkers or other assistive tools. Long walking (or rolling!) distances, stairs and inclines become a special challenge. There’s also the factor of the simplest methods of getting to and from a location not always being inclusive of all types of needs – such as buses with a wheelchair lift or hotel rooms with wide enough doors and high enough beds.Fortunately, the travel industry has gradually become more attuned to the needs and desires of the traveler with disability.Recently Forbes featured an article on new opportunities for ocean cruises, one of the most popular traveling choices these days, with demand up 68 percent over the past decade, according to an industry association. The reporters interviewed a woman who uses a wheelchair and is getting ready to take her 16th cruise.She departs from the New Orleans port for trips all over the Caribbean and beyond. She enjoys the onboard entertainment of the ship, which is fully accessible, dressing up for dinner and the opportunity to disembark for day trips onto exotic islands – which are also carefully mapped out in advance to be wheelchair-friendly.Forbes offers excellent tips for choosing cruises, most of which translate to other types of travel. Hire an AgentIt may be worth the investment to hire a travel agent who specializes in disability travel, such as Wheelchair Escapes. Not only can they find travel options you haven’t heard of, they can even coordinate your travel to and from your embarkation point.Sage Traveling specializes in European trips for the disability community. Go to Executive Class Travelers for their list of more travel agencies with specialized services. Friendship Circle has a good list, too.last_img read more

  • ECommerce Trends Playing the Amazon Prime Day LongGame

    first_img Amazon PrimeAmazon Prime DayChannel BakersE-Commerce TrendsPrime Data Previous ArticleWhy You Should Train Hard in MarTech to Save Your Job in 2020Next ArticleSwit Raises $6 Million to Assist its Rapid Growth Within the Team Collaboration App Market E-Commerce Trends: Playing the Amazon Prime Day Long-Game Joshua KreitzerJuly 12, 2019, 9:00 amJuly 1, 2019 Having an undeniable impact on e-commerce over the last decade, Amazon has not only changed how people shop but when they shop, shaking up Americans’ holiday-shopping calendar with Black Friday-style sales in July known as Amazon Prime Day. With over $4 billion spent and 100 million purchases (CNBC) made during last year’s 36-hour event, Prime Day is slowly closing in on Black Friday (with $6.2 billion in sales) as the apex of the US shopping calendar. Furthermore, many other major retailers are taking part by offering their own massive sales events to counter Amazon over the same time period.This week Amazon confirmed the official date of Prime Day 2019 as July 15. Marking the fifth annual event, it is expected to be bigger (and run longer – 48 hours) than ever before. However, while Prime Day is just a 2-day event for consumers, shoppers typically plan their shopping strategy well ahead of July 15th, which means that brands need to plan their strategy far in advance.Based on traffic, we know that people start “window shopping” as soon as Prime Day dates are announced, which could be 2-plus week in advance of the event, so it’s the perfect time to tailor your Ad strategy, Prime the Pump, to make sure you’re getting in front of people before they are overwhelmed by day-of deals. Taking that into account, we recommend that brands decide what their deal is going to be months in advance and iron out details such as how many units will be available. While sales conversion rates will likely be low during this time, sales for a brand’s entire product portfolios can benefit from the right advertising strategy leading up to Prime Day. Shoppers are getting their wish lists in order to make sure they are ready to hit buy with Prime Day begins, so you’ll need to invest in the long game.It’s also imperative to keep in mind that today’s shoppers are more price sensitive and brand agnostic, the opposite is true on Prime Day. Prime Day is a time where aspirational shoppers go to Amazon to seek out brands they aspire to own, knowing there may likely be a deal. Shoppers generally have a good idea of what they are looking for, like a 75-inch Samsung QLED television as well as deals premium products with a higher price point. While most ad campaigns running on Amazon link to a specific product or set of search results, Amazon Brand Stores empowers brands to showcase a group of related products with additional information like videos or hero images.Think of it like Target: people joke they walk into the store for something small like toilet paper and leave with a full cart of other things they didn’t know they needed. Prime Day offers brands an opportunity to cross merchandise through Brand Stores to replicate that in-store shopping behavior. A well-executed cross merchandising strategy is a Prime Day power move and Amazon Brand Stores are an effective way to increase same-brand sales.Making it easy for customers is key, especially as the number of deals they are exposed to on a single day can be very overwhelming (thus the pre-shop popularity). Doing simple things like looking at the questions people are asking about a product and offering visuals that answer the question before it is asked is a great way to make customers gravitate towards your product rather than a competitor. Simply put: you’re helping do the research for them.Further, the opportunity exists to ride the Prime Day wave far beyond mid-July. The audience brands can attract on Prime Day can actually be more valuable than the day itself. Being able to see insights such as who was looking but didn’t complete a purchase, or who did complete a purchase but didn’t buy an accessory, provides an opportunity to continue to target these shoppers throughout their Amazon shopping experience after Prime Day, making this day a truly unique way to drive incremental sales.Read more: Why Online Coupons Connect With the Ultimate Smart Shopper: The Millenniallast_img read more

  • 2020 Corvette Launches MidEngine 495 hp More Tech Less Than 60K

    first_img2020 Corvette Launches: Mid-Engine, 495 hp, More Tech, Less Than $60K A 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray cutaway. The cockpit was moved forward 16.5 inches. While the new car is five inches longer (182) and two inches wider than the prior model, every cockpit dimension is the same or slightly less roomy for 2020. (A convertible is coming; just not at the beginning.)123456789101112131415 This Is Where ‘The Man With the Golden Voice’ Ended Up Helen From ‘Waterworld’ Is 56 Now and Incredibly Gorgeous TUSTIN, CA — The eighth-generation of America’s best and best-known performance car launched here Thursday night. The 2020 Corvette is finally a mid-engine two-seater, as its architects have dreamed of for more than half a century. It has a strong dose of technology ranging from over-the-air updates to a standard 12-inch digital (LCD) instrument panel, a bigger head-up-display, and a GPS database that raises the low-slung car when it approaches a bump in the road or a sharply pitched driveway.The cheapest 2020 Corvette will cost “less than $60,o00” when it ships early in 2020, according to GM president Mark Reuss, one of the speakers at the event.  That’s a 6 percent increase over the least expensive 2019 Corvette. Willow Smith’s Transformation is Turning Heads Iconic Movie Scenes These Actors Totally Regret Filming Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 5 Is Already Planned The Surprising Reason Why Brandon Routh Is Returning to Superman Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Why This Corvette Is DifferentThe 66-year history of Corvette includes a long-running difference of opinion between GM’s sports-minded engineers, particularly Zora Arkus-Duntov, and cost-conscious financial staff. Duntov proposed better underpinnings to make early Corvettes drive as well as they looked. Fast-forward half a century and the C8 – Corvette, generation 8 – finally has one of the hallmarks of the highest-end sports cars, the mid-engine layout. Some say GM had only bad experiences with its few early mid-engine production cars, particularly the 1960s Corvair which was a) rear- not mid-engine, b) troubled not by the engine location as much as the low-cost rear suspension that came to the attention of a young Ralph (“Unsafe at Any Speed”) Nader even though c) the VW Beetle had the same “swing-axle” design and that didn’t pique Nader’s curiosity.The things you’ll read elsewhere about the C8 Corvette will often center on the mechanical differences, particularly moving a traditional small-block Chevy V8 with the very same bore spacing (distance between cylinders) as on the earliest Corvettes, from the front to behind the passenger compartment. The lone transmission choice is an eight-speed Tremec double-clutch transmission with a low first gear for tire-smoking acceleration (our words, not Chevy’s), closely spaced gears 2-3-4-5-6 to keep the car in the sweet spot of the power band, and long gears 7-8, meaning gears that let the engine run at highway speeds at less than 2,000 rpm, for fuel efficiency. With no driveshaft, the former transmission tunnel is now a piece of high-strength aluminum with a carbon fiber finisher (aero-smoothing) panel. Also to save space, the shifter linkage gives way to shift-by-wire gears: a Park-Reverse-Drive selector and paddle shifters.Magnetic ride control shocks are an option. They instantly adapt to changing road conditions; the same dampers can be stiff for sporty driving, soft for daily driving especially with a spouse/partner aboard who loves Corvettes with limousine rides.The wrap-around cockpit resembles a racecar cocoon. Or to some bigger drivers, it may seem a little confining. The 8-inch center stack display has a volume and a Home button; everything else is done by touch.More, Better High TechFor 2020, every Corvette gets a 12-inch LCD display. It’s mated with an 8-inch center stack LCD. To keep the dashboard uncluttered, the LCD has only a volume knob and a Home button; everything else is touch or voice. A head-up display is optional. Audio is by Bose: 10 speakers standard on entry trim models, 14 speakers including woofers in the door panels.A MyMode feature lets the driver cycle among preferred driving style configurations. A single “Z mode” (named after the Z06, ZR1, and Z51 performance packages) is activated by a steering wheel button lets the driver take a My Mode feature, add engine and transmission tweaks, and store that in the button for back-roads and track use.The Corvette adopts GM’s new “digital vehicle platform” for next-generation technologies. It minimizes wiring, allows faster data transmission, and enables higher-res displays. Other features are Chevy’s first one-touch Bluetooth pairing via a Near Field Communication patch, Qi wireless charging.Corvette’s Performance Data Recorder has been upgraded. It’s an integrated action camera/security, records lap times or point-to-point travel times, and even knows where you are on a racecourse for auto-calculation of lap info. Don’t trust valet parking? You can set it to record when the ignition is set to valet mode.First-generation Corvette C1 greets attendees to the 2020 Corvette C8 launch at the Tustin (CA) Blimp Hanger. The C1 cost $3,490 in 1953, equal to $33,500 in today’s dollars.Corvette HistoryCorvette launched in 1953, a decade before Porsche came out with the Porsche 911. Its best era was the 1970s, ironically at the time of the first oil embargos from the Middle East. In this decade, production ranged from a high of 42,000 in 2016 to a low of just under 10,000 last year. Sales and production numbers also followed the aging of the models which ran 5-10 years:First-generation (C1, 1953–1962)Second-generation (C2, 1963–1967)Third-generation (C3, 1968–1982)Fourth-generation (C4, 1984–1996)Fifth-generation (C5, 1997–2004)Sixth-generation (C6, 2005–2013)Seventh-generation (C7, 2014–2019)Eighth-generation (C8, 2020-)In comparison, the Porsche 911, often considered the most iconic sports car, has about 1.1 million units produced. (No Ferrari is remotely close to a million.) Porsche sales are throughout the world where Corvette sales are centered in North America. Porsche sold 35,000 911s last year, worldwide. But where the 911 by itself was Porsche Cars for decades, now it’s only a fraction of Porsche’s 256,000 worldwide sales last year, outsold by the Macaan compact SUV (86,000), Cayenne mid-size SUV (71,000), even the Panamera sedan (38,000). The 911 came out in 1963, at which point Corvette had a 70,000-unit head start. Porsche’s biggest market is China, followed by the US and Germany.Detroit-focused Campbell-Ewald ad agency campaign from a decade ago noted who gets sung about.More than a dozen songs have been written about the car, including “Little Red Corvette,” even if the lyrics meant something else, “Riding with Private Malone,” “Dead Man’s Curve,” “Shut Down,” “The Best Day,” “Corvette Dreams,” “The One I Loved Back Then,” and “Corvette Crusin’.”The Corvette has been the Indianapolis 500 pace car 16 times (17 when the C8 paces the 2020 race). It has been on the Car and Driver 10Best Cars list 20 times (Honda Accord has been on 33 times, BMW 3 Series 23 times). It has been Motor Trend Car of the Year in 1984 and 1998.Chevrolet produced 1.7 million Corvettes over seven generations since 1953. Production topped 50,000 in 1979 and 1984. This decade, production averaged 23,000 units a year. Note: Low figures such as 1983 are when most 1983 sales were assigned to 1984. New models were in 1953, 1963, 1968, 1984, 1997, 2005 and 2014.More Than 1.7 Million SoldChevrolet produced 1.7 million Corvettes over seven generations since 1953. Production topped 50,000 in 1979 and 1984. This decade, production averaged 23,000 units a year. Note: Low figures such as 1983 are when most 1983 sales were assigned to 1984.The car goes into production later this year at its sole production facility in Bowling Green, KY. First sales are due to be early in 2020. You will likely find few sub-$60K cars in the early allotments. Buyers will find dealer markups because that’s what the market will bear. While 100 Corvette owners staged their own polished cars outside the launch site, there will also be cranky owners who can’t fathom the idea of a Corvette with a mid-mounted engine, as if better weight distribution and handling is a bad thing. Their fathers likely protested fuel injection.2020 Corvette Crossflags symbol and script in chrome.How Soon Can You Get a C8 Corvette?The base 2020 Corvette will be called Stingray and gets a 6.2-liter V8 (LT2) engine with 495 hp (369 kW) and 47-pound-feet of torque. Tires are 18 inches in front, 19 inches in back, with 35 series front tires and 30 series rear tires.  One option will be the first Corvette rated all-season performance tires.Chevrolet will release more complete pricing in the fall. Be prepared for dealer pricing adjustments (markups) if the Corvette is in hot demand. In the past, premiums on popular high-end sports cars have been $10,000-plus in their first months on the market.Along with every other journalist in America, we can’t wait to test-drive the C8 Corvette. Version 8 appears to be a quantum leap forward.Now read:Hands On at the Track With the 2020 Mini Cooper SE ElectricBrooklyn Electric Car Races Add Showroom Stock CarsThe Go-Fast, Go-Safe Parts You Only Get on Police Cars You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet ‘Endgame’ Director Finally Clears Up That Huge Thanos Plot Hole By Bill Howard on July 19, 2019 at 9:35 am 62 Comments Lilly From ‘Princess Diaries’ Is 36 Now and Gorgeous Tagged In carsautomobilesautoscar reviewsChevrolet2020 carsChevrolet corvetteperformance data recorder2020 sports carsC8CorvettesPDR Post a Comment 62 Commentslast_img read more

  • Avatria Adds Magento Integration to Avatria Convert

    first_imgAvatria Adds Magento Integration to Avatria Convert MTS Staff WriterMay 10, 2019, 8:09 pmMay 10, 2019 Flagship Conversion Optimization Platform to Work Seamlessly with Popular e-Commerce SoftwareAvatria, a digital commerce firm and developer of innovative e-commerce solutions, announced that its flagship platform Avatria Convert  now seamlessly integrates with Magento. Recently launched, Avatria Convert helps online retailers increase their e-commerce conversion rates, adding intelligence to category pages in order to help customers find what they need.Magento users can now onboard Avatria Convert at the click of a button with no issues or disruptions, as Convert supports everything from Magento 1.6 to the latest version of Magento 2, assuring seamless sort order optimization for items on any eCommerce site.  The Magento implementation takes 30 minutes or less and requires no developers or coding, while present and future updates occur automatically.Marketing Technology News: PushSend Launches All-in-One Marketing Platform That Brings Enterprise Capabilities to SMBsAdditional integration highlights include:Update Schedules – Magento users have access to fully customizable update schedules, as they can choose the frequency, day, and hours updates will occur to maximize site performance.Product Positioning Groups –Users have granular configuration options for full control over update rules, schedules, and optimization strategies for different sets of product categories and lists.“As Magento is one of the most widely utilized e-commerce platforms worldwide, it made sense for us to ensure that Avatria Convert would be readily compatible with it,” said Harry Thakkar, Partner at Avatria. “With this integration completed, we have ensured that all current and prospective Avatria clients utilizing Magento can use it seamlessly with Convert now and for any new updates in the future.”Marketing Technology News: Uberflip Named a Contender in Content Marketing Platforms for B2B Marketers for the First Time by Independent Research FirmAvatria Convert works by utilizing a company’s existing Google Analytics data and machine learning to identify the products that are most likely to be purchased, then updates the site to assure that customers see the most relevant results at the top of the page.  Convert generates its rankings via a proprietary algorithm that looks at over 40 different product, sales and customer behavior metrics.Marketing Technology News: NICE Wins 2019 CRM Service Leaders Awards for Excellence in Analytics and Workforce Optimization AvatriaAvatria Converte-commerce solutionsHarry ThakkarMagentoMarketing TechnologyNews Previous ArticleSales Development Report: Bots, Chat Will Be the Next Big Thing, Live Call Still Dominates and GDPR Drives ChangesNext ArticleArcane’s Secret Weapon, Morphio, Now Available for Marketerslast_img read more

  • Online Home Improvement Research Drives Sales at BrickandMortar Retailers JD Power Finds

    first_imgAce Hardware and True Value Rank Highest in Customer Satisfaction among Home Improvement Retailers Online Home Improvement Research Drives Sales at Brick-and-Mortar Retailers, J.D. Power Finds PRNewswireJune 6, 2019, 1:33 pmJune 6, 2019 “The proliferation of home improvement-related sites, services and tutorials on the web creates a complex set of challenges and opportunities for brick-and-mortar home improvement retailers,” said Christina Cooley, At Home Intelligence Lead at J.D. Power. “Online retailers do introduce new competition, but when traditional retailers get their online/offline formula right, they are able to really differentiate by offering a level of personalized knowledge and expertise that cannot be replicated in an online-only environment. Many retailers still have work to do to, though, when it comes to creating satisfying online experiences.”Marketing Technology News: Hitachi and Virtusa Partner to Advance AI in Financial ServicesFollowing are some key findings of the 2019 study:Web becomes critical conduit to in-store sales: Among all home improvement retailer customers, 41% say they have either researched or shopped online prior to visiting a store. What’s more, customers who shop or research online prior to visiting a retail location spend an average of $620 more per year than those who just visit the store.Retailer websites could learn from social sharing sites: While home improvement retailer websites are the most popular sources of information for online shoppers, overall satisfaction for those who visit a home improvement retailer website is 821 (on a 1,000-point scale), which is lower than those who visit manufacturer websites (832), image and video sharing websites (843) or social networking sites (869).Yes, you may help me with something: Two minutes is the maximum amount of time for home improvement retailers to provide assistance to customers. When that threshold is met, there is an increase of 67 points on overall customer satisfaction. However, retailers are providing assistance within two minutes for just 26% of customers, a decline of two percentage points from last year’s study.Wide variability in staff knowledge: One of the key differentiators among top-performing retailers is the ability of the staff to consistently and thoroughly explain product features. Ace Hardware and True Value both performed significantly above the study average in this key performance indicator.Marketing Technology News: Futurus Group Files First Ever Patent to Predict Gratitude Using Artificial Intelligence To help people create the home of their dreams, brick-and-mortar home improvement retailers must invest in their websites and web presence. According to the J.D. Power 2019 Home Improvement Retailer Satisfaction Study, released, 41% of home improvement retailer customers research and/or shop online before making an in-store purchase. That same group of customers also spends more on home improvement products than customers who do not conduct online research, yet many home improvement retailer websites don’t measure up to customer expectations. J.D. Power 2019 Home Improvement Retailer Satisfaction Study conduct online researchJ.D. PowerMarketing Technology NewsNewsRetailer Satisfaction Study Previous ArticleGenpact President and CEO “Tiger” Tyagarajan to Present at William Blair Growth Stock ConferenceNext ArticleTop 3 Do’s and Don’ts Every Healthcare Marketer Should Know Marketing Technology News: US Podcast Ad Revenues Hit Historic $479 Million in 2018, an Increase of 53% over Prior Year, According to IAB & PwC ResearchThis is significant because total sales for home improvement products in 2019 is expected to reach $420 billion, a 5% increase from 2018.last_img read more

  • MediaMath and White Ops Build Transparency and Trust into the Programmatic Supply

    first_imgMediaMath and White Ops Build Transparency and Trust into the Programmatic Supply Chain Business WireJune 18, 2019, 1:43 pmJune 18, 2019 “The advertising supply chain must take innovative steps to prevent fraud and increase advertising efficacy,” said Joe Zawadzki, chief executive officer, MediaMath. “By combining our own proprietary tools and processes with those of White Ops, and focusing on measurably superior outcomes, we can identify and avoid fraud and other undesirable activity, allowing our customers to focus on bettering the overall programmatic journey for the end user. We look forward to collaborating with White Ops even further to enable marketers to see the maximum potential of their advertising investment and ensure we add true value with better access to fraud-free supply.”MediaMath is leading an industry-wide effort to create an accountable and addressable supply chain through an alliance of agencies, brands, tech companies and publishers designed to provide long-term, sustainable solutions for a clean digital media supply chain with brand-safe, fraud-free and viewable inventory. The partnership with White Ops is one of several being developed in support of this initiative.Marketing Technology News: Shoppers Take Center Stage in the 2019 Retail Systems Research Report on eCommerce Website PerformanceAs part of this initiative, White Ops and MediaMath will co-locate servers globally that cover the entirety of MediaMath’s footprint. The intent is this technology will evaluate every impression MediaMath bids on, on a global basis.“MediaMath is a pioneer in programmatic advertising and this partnership will help ensure that a fraud-free digital advertising ecosystem is not only necessary, but attainable for advertisers, publishers and consumers,” said Tamer Hassan, co-founder and chief executive officer, White Ops. “White Ops has taken tremendous measures to differentiate sources of data that constitute real human behavior in order to detect fraudulent activity. Fraud is a cybersecurity issue, not a measurement challenge – and as the threat evolves, we are innovating at a faster pace by offering dynamic and more sophisticated solutions to guard against it head-on.”The partnership will provide added protection for MediaMath customers and the broader buying community to enjoy a fraud-free environment, providing more transparency in programmatic buying.Marketing Technology News: Mongolia’s Mongolsat Networks Optimizes Multi-Screen Video Delivery with Verimatrix and By blocking sophisticated invalid traffic and fraudulent impressions before purchase, publishers and advertisers can focus on the consumer experienceMediaMath, acclaimed independent programmatic company for marketers, and White Ops, the global leader in bot fraud protection, announced a new partnership that will protect some of the world’s largest advertisers, agencies and publishers from sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) before it can be purchased. Partnering identity and detection solutions from both companies, MediaMath and White Ops together aim to provide transparency and build trust and accountability in the advertising ecosystem.Higher rates of SIVT, such as bots acting as legitimate users, require advanced analytics, significant human intervention and other measures to detect and mitigate. Leveraging White Ops’ Human Verification technology, impressions served on the MediaMath platform will be guarded against malicious and sophisticated attempts to pocket advertising revenues in a fraudulent manner, providing a comprehensive, timely and actionable view of the supply chain.Marketing Technology News: Blis Expands Into the Netherlands With First Hirecenter_img Marketing TechnologyMediaMathNewsProgrammatic Supply ChainTamer HassanWhite Ops Previous ArticleMarTech Interview with Michael Dickerson, Chief Executive Officer at ClickDimensionsNext ArticlePriceless Experiences Are Coming to a Smart Speaker Near Youlast_img read more

  • Amid Continuing FlipFlop Congress Says Chance of Tieup with AAP in Delhi

    first_imgNew Delhi: Amid the continuing “flip-flop” over the tie-up for the Lok Sabha polls, the Congress on Thursday said the prospects of its alliance with the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) are almost finished.The AAP has “refused” to form an alliance with the Congress in Delhi alone, said PC Chacko, the All India Congress Committee (AICC) in-charge of Delhi. Sources, however, said the party would wait for any fresh move by the AAP till the announcement of the list of its Lok Sabha candidates in Delhi.“They (AAP) had agreed for an alliance with us in Delhi alone on Wednesday night. On Thursday morning, they raised the full statehood issue. I told them we are ready, full statehood was in our manifesto for 2015(Assembly) election. But later, I received Sanjay Singh’s message that Kejriwal had said the alliance was not possible unless it covers Haryana also,” Chacko said.Singh, the AAP’s Rajya Sabha MP, was authorised by AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal to take the alliance talks with the Congress forward.After Singh’s message, Chacko met Congress president Rahul Gandhi and apprised him of the development. “I told him about the flip-flop of the AAP leaders. Now, we will give a final touch to the list of our candidates in Delhi. It could be announced on Friday,” he said.In the evening, Chacko met Delhi Congress president Sheila Dikshit and other leaders to take a final call on the list of party candidates.The Congress had proposed a 4-3 formula for an alliance in Delhi, offering four seats to the AAP. It had opted for the Chandni Chowk, North West Delhi and the New Delhi seats for itself.The AAP, however, said that if the alliance was limited only to Delhi, the Congress would have to contest in just two seats. 2019 lok sabha electionsaaparvind kejriwalcongress First Published: April 18, 2019, 7:32 PM ISTlast_img read more

  • Saradha Scam Accused Madan Mitra Fielded by TMC in Bengal Assembly ByPoll

    first_img Assembly electionsby-pollschit fundMamata Banerjee First Published: April 25, 2019, 8:35 PM IST Suri: West Bengal’s ruling Trinamool Congress on Thursday fielded former state minister Madan Mitra, who spent nearly 21 months in jail after his arrest by the CBI in connection with the Saradha ponzi scam, as its candidate for the Bhatpara assembly by-poll.Chief Minister and Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee announced Mitra’s name alongside two others – Amal Kiskoo from Habibpur (ST) and Abdul Karim Chaudhury from Islampur – for three of the five constituencies where by-polls will be held on May 19, the day of the seventh and final phase of the Lok Sabha election. The Bhatpara constituency has become vacant after sitting Trinamool MLA Arjun Singh crossed over to the BJP and resigned to contest the Lok Sabha election as its candidate in Barrackpore.”Madan Mitra will be our candidate from Bhatpara, Amal Kiskoo a teacher from Habibpur and Abdul Karim Chaudhury from Islampur,” Banerjee announced at an election rally in Suri of Birbhum district.Mitra was arrested by the central agency in December 2014. He was seen in videos clips praising Saradha Group chief Sudipta Sen at a meeting.It was alleged that Mitra, known to be one of Banerjee’s most trusted aides and a founder member of the party, enjoyed benefits from the Saradha group.He was granted bail by a court in September 2016.Banerjee said her party would back Gorkha Janmukti Morcha candidate Binoy Tamang for bypolls to the Darjeeling assembly constituency. The elections have become necessary in Islampur, Habibpur and Darjeeling after the sitting lawmakers resigned to jump in the fray for the Lok Sabha polls.​ last_img read more

  • After Lok Sabha Poll Rout SP Says Will Spring Surprise in UP

    first_img Akhilesh Yadav. Samajwadi PartyAssembly pollsBSPbypolls First Published: July 14, 2019, 9:39 PM IST Lucknow: The Samajwadi Party Sunday claimed that results of the upcoming bypolls to 12 assembly seats in the state will spring a surprise and it will grab the lion’s share in the seats.”Booth-level work has already been completed by party workers at most place. Like the bypolls to Phulpur, Gorakhpur and Kairana parliamentary constituencies and the Noorpur assembly seat, the results of the upcoming bypolls will also spring a surprise and the SP will grab the lion’s share,” SP leader and former UP minister Arvind Singh Gope told PTI. The SP leader said the the bypolls will set the “tone for the 2022 UP assembly elections”, adding that their endeavour was to reach the last man in the village.When asked about the break-up of the SP-BSP alliance, Gope said, “Despite the break-up of the alliance, there is no loss to the SP. Akhileshji is a large-hearted man. He had forged the alliance with a large heart. It was the BSP, which left us. We respect their views.”The senior SP leader said forging the alliance was a major experiment and it was not necessary that every experiment succeeded.The SP and BSP had announced their tie-up for the Lok Sabha polls in January this year, sharing 38 seats each and keeping the Congress out of the tie-up. With the electoral tie-up between the Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party coming to an end after the Lok Sabha debacle, the bypolls to the 12 assembly seats in Uttar Pradesh are likely to witness a four-cornered contest.The alliance could bag just 15 of 80 seats in the state in the Lok Sabha elections this year, after which the BSP parted ways with the SP. The Lok Sabha elections this year and the 2017 UP assembly elections were rather a triangular fight.The Samajwadi Party had contested the 2017 assembly polls in an alliance with the Congress.In the 2014 parliamentary elections, the BJP, Congress, SP, BSP and the RLD had contested individually in the state.The upcoming bypolls to 11 assembly seats will be held as the sitting MLAs were elected to the Lok Sabha while the vacancy in Hamirpur was caused due to The disqualification of BJP legislator Ashok Kumar Singh Chandel following conviction in a murder case.The assembly constituencies that fell vacant following the election of sitting MLAs as MPs are Manikpur, Iglas (SC), Zaidpur (SC), Gangoh, Balha (SC), Rampur, Jalalpur, Pratapgarh, Lucknow Cantonment, Govindnagar and Tundla (SC).Meanwhile, state BJP media coordinator Rakesh Tripathi claimed that their party would emerge stronger in the elections. He said, “Irrespective of the fact that the elections will be a four-cornered or multi-cornered contest, the BJP will emerge the strongest. We have learnt our lessons from previous bypoll defeats and the party has already started it poll preparations”.”The bypolls will also give an opportunity to the party to increase its tally in the UP Assembly and win from Rampur and Jalalpur, which we had lost in the 2017 assembly polls,” he asserted. last_img read more

  • Googles planning a radical new dualscreen device

    first_imgThe first project that comes to mind when I see this set of Google plans is the Lenovo Yoga Book. There was a fine piece of work – a machine whose lower half turned into almost whatever the user wanted. The Lenovo Yoga Book was a notebook, but it was also a drawing pad, and a tablet too. The difference between the Lenovo Yoga Book at this concept design from Google is context. Also the fact that the bottom half isn’t just a touchpad with lights – that’s not what this Google device is all about. As you’ll see in our full Lenovo Yoga Book review, Lenovo’s concept already came to fruition all the way back in October of 2016. Google’s concept isn’t quite so close to completion just yet. Google’s concept would also – potentially – be far more expensive than what Lenovo released. Google’s concept detaches and has the ability to act as two separate devices. As such, it contains two iterations of all or almost all of its internal components.That includes CPU, GPU, Memory, User Interface Module, Display – haptic feedback hardware therein, Sensors, Camera, Speakers, network access hardware, and power modules. Google makes mention of a number of benefits of having two devices in one – one of which is the attached singular module’s ability to be charged on its own. Only one cord needed instead of two, that is to say. Several modes of operation would/will be in play. “When physically coupled together in a first mode of operation, the display housings may be arranged as a single portable electronic device such as a clamshell laptop,” said Google. “In this mode, the system is configured to share computing power and other resources among the two housings, providing a more powerful and robust device than when the housings are separated.” “Processor power and storage capacity may be aggregated in the unitary apparatus. Battery charging and power sharing may be enabled between the devices’ power supplies,” said Google. “When decoupled, the separate display housings are configured to each operate as a self-sufficient, standalone computing device. In this mode of operation, applications and other software may be instantiated as shared instance or separate instances, giving the user of each device ultimate flexibility in device operation and content consumption.”Would that be a device radical enough for you to ditch your current tablet? How about your laptop computer? What if your workplace switched from desktop PC to this sort of machine?Google’s plans for this device were submitted to the USPTO back in May of 2016 and were just made public this week. Users may find this sort of device available in the near future – once we hear from Google on the status of this device, we’ll let you know! Google began planning a new sort of notebook that allows more than one person to experience the same device in different rooms. The device is a laptop computer which detaches in the middle – and both the lower half and the upper half can work independent of one another. These two computers can also act as one, the lower half converting into a touchscreen keypad whilst not in use for other activities. Story TimelineGoogle Lens rolls out to Assistant on Pixel and Pixel 24 ways to fix Google’s Pixel BudsGE’s connected bulbs get Alexa and Google Assistant bridgeThis Android power feature gave Google a privacy headacheGoogle Lens in Google Assistant: here’s what it can doGoogle’s Black Friday deals include some must-see price cutsGoogle’s Pixelbook is wasted on Chrome OSBest Buy welcomes Cyber Monday with Galaxy Note 8, Google Home Mini dealslast_img read more

  • You can get Pandora Premium ondemand music free Heres how

    first_imgToday, Pandora unveiled a new initiative that allows free users to unlock “complimentary” sessions of Pandora Premium. If you’re a free user, you’ll be presented with an offer to watch a 15-second ad when you search for a song, artist, or album, or when you click on a link Pandora has shared. Watch the ad, and you’ll be able to stream that music on-demand, without ads interrupting your listening.This trial of Pandora Premium, if you’d like to call it that, is available to free and Plus users. Pandora doesn’t say how long your Premium session will last after each ad, but we probably shouldn’t expect it to be substantially long. After all, this is definitely a play to tempt ad-supported and Plus members into shelling out for a Premium subscription, which costs $9.99 per month.It’s a good idea, honestly, and it’s one that we may see other music services attempt if it translates to more Premium sign-ups for Pandora. Showing non-Premium members what they’re missing out on should convince at least some of them to take the plunge, and for the ones who stick to their guns, Pandora still gets some ad revenue on the side. It sounds like a pretty good deal, all things considered, in that it’s optional for people who don’t want anything to do with ads to begin with.Pandora says that this is rolling out today to listeners on both iOS and Android. We’ll see if this works out for Pandora eventually, but for now, head down to the comments section and let us know what you think of this new initiative. Earlier in the year, Pandora launched a new on-demand service called Pandora Premium. Meant to keep Pandora competitive in this age of paid music streaming subscriptions that let you listen to what you want on-demand, Pandora Premium’s launch was certainly long overdue. While Pandora still offers free streaming for those who don’t want to pay, it’s looking to extend those Premium perks to everyone today. Story TimelinePandora overhauls website as it prepares for on demand streamingPandora Premium details spill: smart playlists and on-demand musicPandora user? There’s some big news todayPandora Featured Playlists give users Hipster Brunch and morelast_img read more

  • Sprint Unlimited Kickstart data plan is 15 a month and theres no

    first_imgSprint is tripping over itself in an attempt to lure customers away from its big three competitors, and it has demonstrated that it’s willing to go to major lengths to get those subscribers. Last year and again earlier this year, the carrier offered its unlimited data plan to new customers at $0/month for their first year, and now it’s back with a similar, though not totally free, promotion.Under the new promotion, which starts tomorrow, new customers can get the Sprint Unlimited Kickstart plan for $15/month per line. Users can buy a new phone from Sprint or bring their existing handset (assuming it is compatible), but they will need to port their existing phone number over. The plan doesn’t require a contract. Up to four lines can be added at this price, which would be $60/month total. The promotion, as with the previous unlimited data perk, is only available through the carrier’s website and for a limited time. AdChoices广告The plan offers unlimited data, text, and minutes; video streams are capped at 480p “DVD” quality, music is capped at 500Kbps, and gaming streams are capped at up to 2Mbps. The plan doesn’t include a hotspot, and as we’ve come to expect from such plans, you could be throttled if the network is congested.SOURCE: Sprint Sprint wants you to abandon your current carrier and switch to its unlimited plan. Why should you consider the transition? Because the company’s latest promotion is offering unlimited data for $15/month, promising that there’s no catch or unwanted surprises. This isn’t quite as sweet as the totally free unlimited plan it offered earlier this year, but it’s still an incredible deal.last_img read more

  • Leica QP revealed with two batteries

    first_imgOutside you’ll find the big Leica red dot logo removed. Instead there’s a “classic script engraving” on the device’s top plate. The power switch and drive mode selector and shutter release button got a redesign making the device feel more like the Leica M10 or the Leica CL. There’s an “exclusive brown leather carrying strap” included with this model now, and a new textured matte paint finish, too.This camera has a removable, replaceable battery. In the box, Leica’s included two batteries – one to use and one for backup. That’s something you’ll almost certainly never see a smartphone maker do again. That’s if they ever make replaceable batteries ever agin, which isn’t particularly likely. Not if they want to avoid getting sued by people who think that leaving batteries in cars on hot summer days is an OK idea.Inside is a 24-megapixel full frame sensor paired up front with a Summilux 28 mm f/1.7 ASPH lens. There’s an integrated 3.68 megapixel EVF here as well. Inside the user will find wi-fi connectivity to work with the relatively new Leica FOTOS app on iOS and Android for remote control and digital media transfer.AdChoices广告This device will be delivered starting this week at Leica Stores and wherever Leica devices are sold. Be sure to call ahead before rushing to the store – this is NEW. This Leica Q-P camera will be made available for MSRP $4,995 USD. This morning Leica revealed their newest Q-line camera, the Leica Q-P. This device is the latest in the company’s full-frame compact Leica Q line of cameras, coming with a decent set of features in a rather small body. A few small changes were made to the exterior – probably not enough on their own to make any previous Leica Q user upgrade – but there’s a few bits changed inside, too.last_img read more

  • Audi RS 3 Sedan customer race car break cover in Paris

    first_imgThe Audi RS 3 Sedan’s raw power is provided by a new 2.5 TFSI five-cylinder engine, claimed to be the most powerful of its kind in the market. Inside this compact farm, it can take the RS 3 Sedan from zero 100 km/h in just 4.1 seconds. Top speeds reach 250 km/h but, upon request, Audi is willing to top that off to 280 km/h easily, as the speed is actually only electronically capped. This power is managed by a 7-speed dual clutch transmission carried over to the quattro all-wheel drive.The RS 3 Sedan definitely looks its part as well, with a frame that is 20 mm wider than its A3 predecessor. It bears all the hallmarks of an RS line, including the quattro logo at the bottom of its three-dimensional honeycomb grille. A blade across the width of the facade is flanked by side air inlets, forming funnels for better aerodynamics. The sedan even features a fixed spoiler lip for both looks and improved airflow. Inside, the R3 Sedan features a darker tone more associated with race cars, which is beautifully contrasted by illuminated door sills.Of course, the Audi RS 3 Sedan also boasts of the latest in car technologies and smartphone integration. A 7-inch electrically extending MMI is standard on all models, offering a 12.3-inch optional virtual cockpit for those who want more. The main control interface is Audi’s unique rotary push button located on the central tunnel. The sedan also features its own LTE module and a factory-installed SIM to connect the car to the Internet, giving access to apps like Google Earth and Street View as well as information for weather, traffic, and the like. A free Audi MMI connect app is also available to transmit data from smartphone to car, including calendars, destination, and music.AdChoices广告Like any modern car, the RS 3 Sedan is equipped with driver assistance technologies. New to this model are Traffic Jam Assist, which takes over the driving in slow-moving traffic, Emergency Assist, which automatically stops the car in emergencies, and Cross Traffic Assist, which looks out for crossing vehicles when going out of a parking space. The Audi RS 3 LMS will become available to TCR customers starting December for 129,000 EUR ($144,700). The Audi RS 3 Sedan, on the other hand, launches in China and the US in summer next year. Hot on the heels of the 2018 Audi Q5 unveiled at the Paris Motor Show are two new Audi RS models. Sticking true to their “RS” brand, the two have high performance within their cross hairs. One is even an honest to goodness race car. The Audi RS 3 this year, however, is stirring things up a bit by introducing the first Audi compact sedan to bear the “Rennsport” moniker. Truly more RS than its A3 sedan predecessor, the Audi RS 3 Sedan oozes performance both without and within, boasting of no less than 400 horsepower.center_img Audi also unveiled a racing version in the form of the Audi RS 3 LMS, also developed by Audi Sport, this model is designed for the still young TCR category. Sporting a four-cylinder 2.0 liter TFSI engine, this customer racing trip boasts of 330 hp and an acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds, with max speeds of 240 km/h. The model includes a FIA-compliant safety package, including safety tank, racing safety cell, PS3 safety seat, safety nets, and roof rescue hatch.last_img read more

  • Chrome OS 74 takes a big step towards becoming even more usable

    first_imgGoogle has been promoting Chrome OS and Chromebooks as the platform to use to get real work done but even its fans will admit it’s not there yet. Juggling three platforms in one probably isn’t easy so when Google does make strides in all of them, there’s reason for Chrome OS users to celebrate. The latest major release, version 74, won’t immediately make it the OS to finally beat Windows and macOS but at least now it can be more useful especially for Linux users. Linux is the latest to be supported by Chrome OS, allowing developers to make use of Google’s platform for their own “real work”, whether that involves system administration or app development. Support is far from complete though and users might find themselves partially deaf when running Linux apps on Chrome OS. Fortunately, as of version 74, Linux programs can finally be heard.Even though it’s older, Android support isn’t also done yet. The latest feature to be added is support for USB cameras in the Android Camera app. While almost all Chromebooks have webcams for voice chat, some people do need to make use of external cameras or video equipment for their work. Now they won’t have to boot up Windows to do so, presuming Android and Chrome OS recognizes the device properly.With Linux, Android, and Chrome itself all in one platform, it might easily become a confusing mess trying to jump back into what you were doing previously. Chrome OS’ updated search box can make that a bit easier by presenting recent apps and even recent Google searches when you activate it. Presuming you don’t type anything to the search just yet.On the Chrome OS side, the native PDF viewer finally gets support for annotations. You can also now save files or create new folders in My file’s local root directory instead of being limited to the Downloads folder. These may not be groundbreaking changes but they might just be the changes some users need in truly making Chrome OS work for them.last_img read more

  • Nissan GTR50 by Italdesign to enter production in 50 unit limited run

    first_imgThe car’s exterior is “virtually unchanged” compared to the prototype seen in July says, Nissan. In addition to being allowed to choose their exterior color, buyers will also be able to select interior colors and packages. The gray and gold prototype certainly looked better than the blue and gold Nissan is showing in the images here. Nissan will make only 50 of the cars, and each of them will sell for 990,000 euros before taxes and options. That euro price converts to over $1.1 million here in the States. That is one expensive Nissan.Nissan notes that while the prototype GT-R50 was covered in gray with gold accents, customers will get to specify their preferred color. The car is based on the NISMO version of the GT-R making 720ps. The last time we talked about the Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign was when the car was on hand at the Goodwood Festival of Speed to a run up the hill. Rumors swirled that the vehicle might enter production as a very limited run ride. Nissan has now confirmed its production plans and offered up pricing on the car.center_img The prototype car will be on display at the Nissan Gallery in Yokohama from December 7. Anyone wanting to buy one of the 50 cars can go to and start to create their vehicle. Deliveries are set to begin in 2019 and continue through 2020.last_img read more

  • State Roundup Ore Insurance CoOp Readies Coverage

    first_imgA selection of health policy stories from New Jersey, Oregon, California, Wisconsin, Georgia, Minnesota, New York, Texas, Kansas, North Carolina and Indiana.The Lund Report: Freelancers CO-OP Of Oregon Partners With Providence Health SystemIndependent workers — artists, journalists, information technology professionals, craftsmen and even those who earn their living buying and selling on eBay — will soon have the ability to buy health coverage without having to dicker with a privately-run insurance company such as Regence BlueCross BlueShield. … people can sign up when enrollment opens for the health insurance exchange in October 2013. The CO-OP anticipates having up to 40,000 members by the end of 2015, and has entered into a partnership agreement with Providence Health System to provide the network of physicians and hospitals throughout the state and handle claims administration and medical management (Lund-Muzikant, 9/18).The New York Times: Christie’s Budget Faulted As Fiscal Outlook Is Called WeakThe ratings agency said it lowered its outlook because it believed the governor’s revenue projections for the current fiscal year were overly optimistic, warning that the budget was structurally unsound. In particular, the agency took note of the administration’s reliance on one-time transfers of money to fill gaps in the state’s $32 billion budget. At the same time, it noted that the state will have to spend more in the coming years to meet pension and Medicaid obligations (Zernike, 9/18).The Associated Press/Washington Post: Wisconsin Attorney General Appeals Union Law Ruling, Asks Judge For StayWisconsin’s attorney general on Tuesday appealed a court ruling repealing major parts of Gov. Scott Walker’s law effectively ending collective bargaining for most public workers. … The law as passed by the Republican-controlled Legislature in 2011 applied to all public employees except police, firefighters, local transit workers and emergency medical service employees. It limits collective bargaining on wage increases to the rate of inflation. Other issues, such as workplace safety, vacation and health benefits, were excluded from collective bargaining (9/18).Los Angeles Times: Brown Signs Bill Revamping Workers’ Compensation InsuranceApproved by the Legislature on the last night of the legislative session, the package would boost payments to permanently disabled victims of on-the-job accidents by about $740 million a year and hand employers a major break on workers’ compensation insurance premiums (Castellanos, 9/19).Georgia Health News: Hemophilia Program Could Get The Budget AxThrough a state contract, Hemophilia of Georgia is helping dozens of patients get or keep health insurance and lifesaving medication for the inherited bleeding disorder. The money “saves lives and saves money,” said Jeff Cornett of Hemophilia of Georgia. He noted Tuesday that an uninsured patient with hemophilia can run up huge emergency room bills. But the state’s Department of Public Health, in budget recommendations released last week, would eliminate that hemophilia funding next fiscal year (Miller, 9/18).(St. Paul) Pioneer Press: Blue Cross Forms New Insurance Option With Allina Health SystemHealth insurers in Minnesota are jumping on the ACO bandwagon. … On Tuesday, Eagan-based Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota announced a similar product in conjunction with the Minneapolis-based Allina Health System. Blue Cross didn’t use the term “ACO” in describing its product — called Blue Choice featuring the Allina Health Network — but the description makes sense, said Garrett Black, the company’s senior vice president of health management (Snowbeck, 9/18).Modern Healthcare: Montefiore Forms ACO With Empire Blues In N.Y.Montefiore Medical Center, New York, has entered into an accountable care agreement with Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield, New York, the organizations announced. The accountable care agreement will cover fully insured Empire enrollees in New York’s Bronx and Westchester counties and Montefiore’s employees, according to a news release. Montefiore will be eligible to receive shared-savings payments tied to quality and efficiency targets and a capitated care management fee, said John Caby, vice president of provider engagement and contracting for Empire (Evans, 9/18).The Dallas Morning News: One-Day Free Clinic At Convention Center Will Serve Dallas-Area Uninsured For one day next week, hundreds of medical volunteers hope to see and treat some of the thousands of uninsured Dallas-Fort Worth area residents at a free clinic at the Dallas Convention Center. How many people they help depends on how many volunteer health care workers they can round up between now and then. “We have the ability to put their minds at ease,” said Nicole Lamoureux, executive director of the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics. “Just getting them connected to a doctor and to the help they need takes so much worry off their shoulders” (Rosales, 9/18). Kansas Health Institute News: Kansas REC To Be Spun Off As Independent Non-Profit, SynovimThe regional extension center created two years ago to help Kansas health care providers implement electronic patient records is to be spun off over the next year by its parent organization, the Kansas Foundation for Medical Care. The new non-profit consulting firm — called Synovim — will absorb all 15 staff members from the Kansas Regional Extension Center by the time the REC’s federal funding runs out September 30, 2013, said REC director Michael Aldridge. Aldridge, who has been named Synovim’s chief executive, said that setting up a firm that’s wholly independent of KFMC will allow his staff to collect fees for its services without putting KFMC in a position of receiving payments from providers that it’s charged with monitoring (Cauthon, 9/18). North Carolina Health News: Opening Doors To Housing For The Mentally IllFour years ago, Nancy ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. While there, she received steroids to reduce the fluid accumulation in her lungs. The steroids made her psychotic, a common side effect. … Last week, the Housing Subcommittee of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Transitions to Community Living met for the first time to start the work of creating, over the coming decade, more than 3,000 housing units throughout the state for people with mental health problems. Those housing units will need to be accompanied by more community programs to help people with mental health problems stay out of the hospital (Hoban, 9/18). The Associated Press: S. Ind. Physician Sentenced For Health Care FraudA Bloomington physician has been sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison after pleading guilty to federal charges of unlawful drug distribution and health care fraud. Kamal Tiwari was also sentenced Tuesday to three years of probation and ordered to pay $1.3 million in restitution to Medicare, Medicaid and Anthem Blue Cross (9/18). State Roundup: Ore. Insurance Co-Op Readies Coverage This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription.last_img read more

  • Small Businesses Too Are Getting Insurance Cancellation Notices

    first_imgSome small businesses are getting notice of insurance policy cancellations, just like their individual coverage counterparts. Other small business owners continue to wait to learn what options will be available to them through the law’s online marketplaces.Marketplace: Now Small Businesses Are Receiving Health Insurance Cancellation Notices In Arizona, Drs. Courtney and Matthew Dunn own DunnOrthodontics in central Phoenix. It’s a small but profitable practice, which they’ve had for about seven years. They don’t have to offer health insurance, but Matthew Dunn says, they choose to. On Tuesday, the Dunns received a letter from their health insurer, Humana. It informed them that they would not be able to continue with their current medical plan in 2014,  as it did not meet all of the ACA requirements (Heppermann, 11/7). The Washington Post: Health Care Law’s Exchange Problems Leave Small-Business Owners In A Difficult PositionDavid Glazier and Jody Manor each own small businesses in Old Town Alexandria, just outside the nation’s capital, and in the months leading up to the launch of the federal government’s new health insurance exchange, both were eager to see what kind of savings they could find on the new marketplaces. It has now been six weeks since the exchange opened for business — but for Glazier, Manor and many other small employers, the wait continues (Harrison, 11/7).  Small Businesses, Too, Are Getting Insurance Cancellation Notices This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription.last_img read more

  • Debate Heats Up Over Physicians Skill Reviews

    first_imgDebate Heats Up Over Physicians’ Skill Reviews In other news regarding medical practice, the federal database detailing payments to doctors from the drug and device industries is plagued by error messages.   The Wall Street Journal: Doctors Upset Over Skill ReviewsThe medical community is embroiled in a bitter debate about what board-certified physicians should be required to do to prove that their knowledge and skills are up-to-date. Besides holding a state medical license, about 75% of U.S. doctors are certified by 24 privately run boards, signifying that they have mastered their area of specialty, in fields ranging from internal medicine to orthopedics. The specialty boards require their physicians to pass rigorous exams, generally every 10 years, to stay certified. In recent years, those boards also have begun requiring doctors to enroll in official Maintenance of Certification programs in between exams to show they are committed to lifelong learning and quality improvement (Beck, 7/21).Related KHN coverage: Docs Slam Recertification Rules They Call A Waste Of Time (Rabin, 7/21).  The Hill: Error Messages Rife On Site Showing Doc, Industry TiesA long-awaited federal database designed to reveal doctor payments from the drug and medical device industries is plagued with confusing error messages, according to a report. Physicians told ProPublica that they are seeing long waits and error messages when trying to look up their entries on a preliminary version of the Open Payments website (Viebeck, 7/21). This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription.last_img read more